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The Great Myth: Daily Contacts Are More Expensive than Monthlies and They Aren't Worth It!

Hint: They’re not only better for you, but often times they can be the same price or cheaper than monthly replacement lenses!

Unless your power is unavailable in dailies, we always recommend patients to switch from monthlies to dailies because we feel strongly it's in every patients' best interests. Among the many reasons we provide this guidance, here are a few of the most notable:

  1. Health and hygiene: Daily disposable contacts are designed to be worn once and then discarded, so they significantly eliminate the risk of lens-related eye infections caused by the accumulation of bacteria and debris on the lens and the case.

  2. Convenience: Daily disposable contacts are convenient because they eliminate the need for cleaning and storing of contacts overnight.

  3. Comfort: Daily disposable contacts are typically thinner than multi-use lenses, which can result in greater comfort for the user. They also don’t have a chance to accumulate as many irritating factors during their day use, leading to much more comfort during wear.

  4. Cost-effectiveness: While daily disposable contacts may seem more expensive upfront, they can be more cost-effective in the long run because you don't have to purchase cleaning solution and lens cases, and you reduce the risk of having to pay for doctor's visits and treatments for eye infections or other lens-related problems.

  5. Environmental considerations: When properly cleaning and replacing your contact lenses, the amount of plastic used for cleaning solution, cases and monthly contact lenses is far greater than a year's supply of daily contact lenses.

  6. Honest compliance: It is proven that 75% of weekly and monthly contact lens wearers don’t follow recommendations. This risk can result in infection, scarring, inability to complete laser vision correction, and blindness. Daily disposable lens wearers have a significantly higher compliance rate.

In summary, patients who wear daily contact lenses have healthier eyes, are happier with the contact lenses and have less eye infections. Do yourself a favor and make the switch today!

At Ojos Del Mar, we stock an incredibly wide variety of contact lenses. Contact us at +506.BOLD.EYES to place an order over the phone or stop by our clinic during business hours!

About the Author: Ojos Del Mar is a world class eye care clinic and eyewear gallery in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. They specialize in comprehensive eye care, dry eye and keratoconus treatment, prescription eyewear, in-house lens finishing, contacts, and custom or hard to fit contacts. To schedule an appointment or learn aout the clinic and their 1:1 eye exam donation program, click here.

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Jo Habibi
Jo Habibi
Feb 23, 2023

I fought the same fight to keep my monthlies!

Dr Roya kept encouraging me to give dailies a try because they would offer a much healthier lens against my eyes, every single day, as opposed to my “evening soaked monthly lenses” (that technically may have been stretched a few days over a month?!).

A few years ago, after not being able to wear my contacts for weeks due to irritation on my cornea from chemo medications, I took her advice.

I have to agree that I should have chosen dailies much earlier. My eyes feel so good every single day because I’m putting fresh lenses in them. My eyes never feel dry and irritated after a long day of wearing…

dr roya habibi.jpg

Hi, I'm  Dr. Roya!

I'm an Optometrist with extensive experience and expertise in the fields of dry eye, eye comfort, keratoconus, speciality contact fitting, and comprehensive eye care.


As a globally recognized professional in my field, I shifted my focus in 2023 towards sharing my knowledge and skills with other practitioners in order to help the greatest number of people. To achieve this goal, I have established Ojos Del Mar, a concierge eye care clinic located in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, where through a multi year Advanced Fellowship training program, I impart my knowledge to licensed Costa Rican optometrists, assisting them in enhancing the quality of eye care available to the people of this beautiful country. 

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