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A Global Vision Crisis is Crippling Kids' Ability to Learn... but no one is talking about it.

It's no secret a child's ability to learn elies heavily on their ability to see clearly and comfortably, but did you know roughly 80% of what our children learn is done through their eyes? 1. Unfortunately, myopia, also known as nearsightedness, has taken a serious turn for the worse among our youngsters. In fact, the American Academy of Ophthalmology reports that childhood myopia has increased from 20% to a whopping 40% over the last three decades. 2. Whether such a dramatic shift is the result of increased screen time. diet, or something else is beside the point... the fact is 4 out of 10 kids are developing vision problem that have a meaningfully negative impact on their ability to succeed in the classroom. As a concerned parent, you might wondering, and rightfully so, why this issue is not being discussed at any level.

It's a sobering fact that millions of children worldwide are living with untreated vision problems that can have a devastating impact on their education and future opportunities. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 19 million children under the age of 15 are living with vision impairment, and 12 million of those cases could be prevented or treated with access to proper care.

Untreated vision problems can make it difficult for children to learn and keep up in school, so it comes as no surprise that studies show children with uncorrected vision problems are more likely to struggle with reading, writing, and other classroom activities than their peers with healthy vision. They may also experience lower academic performance and a higher risk of dropping out of school, leading to limited future opportunities.

The reasons why so many children are living with untreated vision problems are complex. In some cases, families may not have the financial means to access proper care. In other cases, children may not even realize they have a problem. This can be especially true for younger children who may not know what "normal" vision looks like.

It's crucial that we do more to ensure that all children have access to the proper care they need to thrive in school and in life. This includes increasing awareness about the importance of eye health and regular eye exams, improving access to eye care services, and supporting programs that provide glasses or other vision aids to children in need.

In conclusion, we must act now to ensure that every child has access to the care they need to correct their vision problems. No child should be left behind because of an untreated vision problem, and with increased awareness and resources, we can make sure that every child has the chance to see the world clearly and reach their full potential.

It's an incredibly small dent in a major global problem, but this is exactly why Ojos Del Mar donates 1 free eye exam, and in many cases a free pair of prescription glasses, to kids in need. There are few things more important than an education and if we can help even 1 more child have a fighting chance to keep up in school and build a life for themselves, it will have been an effort well worth it!

If you're interested in learning more about Ojos Del Mar's one to one donation program, the Eye2Eye Initiative, please visit our GoFundme page here.





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Hi, I'm  Dr. Roya!

I'm an Optometrist with extensive experience and expertise in the fields of dry eye, eye comfort, keratoconus, speciality contact fitting, and comprehensive eye care.


As a globally recognized professional in my field, I shifted my focus in 2023 towards sharing my knowledge and skills with other practitioners in order to help the greatest number of people. To achieve this goal, I have established Ojos Del Mar, a concierge eye care clinic located in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, where through a multi year Advanced Fellowship training program, I impart my knowledge to licensed Costa Rican optometrists, assisting them in enhancing the quality of eye care available to the people of this beautiful country. 

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