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How can I tell if my contact lens is inside out?

Before risking putting your contact lens in your eye in the form of knives instead of butter, check to make sure it's not inside out. There's a few ways to check, but we like to follow the Taco Method... because who doesn't love tacos?!?

Good Bad

It's really that simple... just remember "taco time" and you're eyes will thank you!


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Hi, I'm  Dr. Roya!

I'm an Optometrist with extensive experience and expertise in the fields of dry eye, eye comfort, keratoconus, speciality contact fitting, and comprehensive eye care.


As a globally recognized professional in my field, I shifted my focus in 2023 towards sharing my knowledge and skills with other practitioners in order to help the greatest number of people. To achieve this goal, I have established Ojos Del Mar, a concierge eye care clinic located in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, where through a multi year Advanced Fellowship training program, I impart my knowledge to licensed Costa Rican optometrists, assisting them in enhancing the quality of eye care available to the people of this beautiful country. 

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